The New Currencies of Customer Engagement

What are they and how do they deliver on specific needs customers find valuable?

By: Bond Brand Loyalty

In a market where many products and services are quite becoming commoditized and heavily populated with look-alike points programs, brand marketers are struggling to set themselves apart. Customers expect companies to not only deliver on their brand promise but to exceed expectations as well. The changing consumer landscape calls for brands to adapt and change how they engage with customers. But how? By creating new currencies and experiences that meet real human needs.

The New Currencies of Customer EngagementTMare perks and benefits that are created by repurposing and monetizing existing assets or imagining new customer experience treatments that can be unitized. They deliver on specific needs customers find valuable, such as time, ease and convenience, and allow brands to enhance the customer experience. It’s a strategy not many companies have embraced yet, but the payoff for those who have is significant. Offering alternative currencies can differentiate your brand, motivate customers and deliver markedly improved business results.

It’s an exciting time for brands, as the opportunity to deliver better business results to their enterprises is here!

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